Mysterious places in Sweden

Back in 2016 I was commissioned to work on a pretty amazing book project called Från Döda fallet till Ales stenar – Platser med (spök)historia (From The Dead Fall to Ale’s stones – places with a (ghost)story), written by Lena Arro and published by Opal.

It is an intriguing mix of fiction, folklore, horror and history, as it takes the reader into a North-to-South journey across Sweden, visiting 9 remarkable locations and their historical and supernatural legacy.

The book was released in late 2017 during the Book Fair in Gothenburg.

Luckily enough, I also got to create some maps for it, most notably the double-page opening full color overview of Sweden/Scandinavia with highlights on the different places explored in the text by Lena.

Here are some of the other smaller black-and-white maps that can be found in the book.

The world-famous copper mine in Falun

The peninsula of Kullaberg hosts the oldest lighthouse location in Scandinavia.

Huge glacial erratics, remnants of the Ice Age, can be found all over Sweden.

One of the halls of the Karlberg Palace in Stockholm is said to be haunted by the ghost of queen Ulrika Eleonora of Denmark.

If you are interested in knowing more about the project, or see some of the other illustrations I made for the book, please check out this post on my illustration website.

Also, some of the artwork can be purchased as a poster from my RedBubble page.


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